On July 10, 2020, Daniel Powers went to his local emergency room for severe back and side pain and chest pressure, which he had been fighting for a month, with no results from his medical provider.  


It quickly became apparent that Daniel's situation was very critical as a mass was found on his lungs and his lower left and middle lungs were filled with fluid. A collaborative decision was made to transfer him to Duke University Hospital.  That night, Daniel's mother, Wendy Alley, drove from her home in Maryland to be with Daniel at Duke. Once all of the test results returned, it was confirmed Daniel had T-Cell Lymphoblastic Lymphoma, a rare but very aggressive adolescent cancer.

Daniel was discharged from Duke on August 17, 2020 after a six week stay. 

Daniel is currently completing his outpatient chemotherapy treatments at Johns Hopkins Pediatric Oncology in Baltimore, Maryland.  His current phase of chemotherapy began on August 24, 2020 and will last for at least six months.  They travel an hour each way for weekly treatments.  These next six months are going to be a long journey for both him and his mother (who he is living with during this phase).

Purchasing a t-shirt will definitely help provide any financial support for Daniel and his mother since she is only working three days a week (unless Daniel is readmitted to the hospital) while caring for Daniel.  #faithoverfear #teamdaniel